Our terroir

Respect for nature

A mosaic of varietals

Fruit of a terroir characterised by warmth and good conversation, our wines open the door to the region’s character and riches. At our vineyard, a mosaic of grape varietals grows on alluvial terraces made up of filtering gravel and rocky outcrops. From Syrah to Merlot, Viognier, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Gros Manseng, Grenache, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cinsault, varietals are planted according to each plot’s particularities. In order to extend the link between wine and terroir, some of our finest plots have lent their names to our wines: Jardin de Jules, Jalade, Figuerette, Gatefer…

An interview with Sophie Palatsi


Telling stories through wine

Produced with passion, our wines tell a universal, human story. As so often, it all started with a love story… it was certainly love at first sight when we first set eyes on Domaine de la Clapière back in 2006! Before it became a wine estate, it was our home, where our three children grew up, where we host friends during the holidays, a place where happy memories are made.

Family is very much a part of the story, the family we form with the men and women whose hard work has made the estate what it is today. New plots, new varietals, new winemaking techniques, new wines: Domaine de Clapière is constantly evolving, thanks in no small part to the talented people who work here every day. Although we see ourselves not as owners but as respectful custodians of the heritage we watch over, there is still room for audacity and creativity. New pages of our story are written every day.

Respect for nature

In tune with our terroir, our actions always respond to the needs of the vineyard. As such, to create the first white wine to be produced at Domaine de la Clapière, we founded the Centre for the Study of Vines. This experimental hectare of vines, dedicated to the sustainable introduction of new varietals, allows us to improve our understanding of the character of our soils, and provides an edifying experience for visitors.

This constant attention to detail allowed us to create Etincelle Rouge, the result of a desire to present the purest expression of our exceptional plots of Syrah… Understanding breeds respect, which is why we are part of Terra Vitis, a network of winemakers committed to sustainable development, putting humanity and the environment at the heart of a common project. Manual harvest, night harvest for our white and rosé varietals, carbonic maceration for selected red varietals: we are committed to working methods that respect the fruit of the vine, extracting the best from each and every grape.