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In the heart of the Languedoc

A symphony
for the senses

Welcome to our vineyard

Nestled in the highest part of the village of Montagnac, a few miles from the historic town of Pézénas, Domaine de la Clapière is perfectly located. The estate is surrounded by the rich natural beauty of the Languedoc. Seaward side, the Mediterranean coast at the Gulf of Lion and the famous Etang de Thau. Further inland, the villages of Saint-Gilhem-Le-Désert and Loupian with their Roman ruins...

In the midst of Domaine de la Clapière’s 63 hectares of vines, wheat fields, olive groves and woodland, stands a charming manor house, its pale stone walls contrasting with the vibrant green of the surrounding gardens. A veritable haven, the estate offers absolute peace and tranquillity.

détail décoration la Clapière
Our estate mirrors our wines, embodying laid-back Mediterranean charm, subtle elegance without pretence.
Facade du Château de la Clapière

Friendly and open

From the narrow road that winds its way through the vines, slip away down the path leading to the Domaine de la Clapière’s doors, and abandon yourself to its inimitable charm...

Parc de la Clapière
Parc de la Clapière
Parc de la Clapière
Parc de la Clapière
Parc de la Clapière
Parc de la Clapière
Parc de la Clapière

The space between
heritage and modernity

From the Gallo-Roman villa
to the Domaine de la Clapière
Parc de la Clapière

The history of the estate goes back to the Gallo-Roman era… Situated on the Via Domitia, the first Roman road built to link Italy and Spain, the site was already home to a vineyard.

A few centuries later, the site became a famous outpost for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. It was not until the 17th century that, under the influence of wealthy merchant and landowner François Clapier, the estate was given its name.

Steeped in history and overflowing with carefully preserved artefacts, a visit to Domaine de la Clapière is a veritable voyage back through time. As soon as you arrive, historic wooden vats invite you to enter the cellars dating back to 1850. Inside the manor house ornate fireplaces recall the times of the first pilgrimages.

Sophie and Xavier Palatsi have lived and worked at the property since 2006, bringing history to life with the help of a dedicated team. Even though their eyes remain firmly fixed on the future, history here is never far away…

Chai de la Clapière

A terroir to discover

Terroir de la Clapière

There are some places that stay with you forever. The authentic, wild landscapes of the Mediterranean coast, coupled with its exceptionally mild climate, mean that the Languedoc is most certainly one of them.

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